Turkey Dentists - Dental tourism in Turkey

Many people are afraid to go to dentist, even if they really need medical assistance. Drilling and its awful noise, needles and feeling helpless lying in that chair are all fair reasons to be wary of seeing your dentist. But an even more horrible reason has emerged – the fear of seeing the bill afterwards. Dental costs are really rising high these days and they are preventing many people from seeing a dentist. Healthy teeth are very valuable to a person’s health, life quality and general well-being. Not only is it a matter of health (preventing infections, tooth decay or even oral cancer) it is also an aesthetic principle. Everyone wants to have a nice white smile. And dentists are aware of that. Education, specialized skill set and life costs in developed countries have caused dentist to be quite wanted and needed. That in turn increases dental costs.     

Good news is; not every country with well educated dentist is so expensive. The answer to your troubles is dental tourism and Turkey is an ideal destination. 

How can you save money on dental care in Turkey?

Cost of living is much lower in Turkey than in UK, for example. This also reflects to lower dental treatment costs. As everywhere else the prices are not the same in all clinics, but on average you can save up to 70% on dental work when compared to UK.

Price in Turkey This price is at Price in EU Savings
All on FourAll on Four
  • €5,560
€9,800 43%
Ceramic CrownCeramic Crown
  • €200
€550 64%
Full DentureFull Denture
  • €235
€640 63%
  • €3,400
€5,000 32%
Laser WhiteningLaser Whitening
  • €115
€410 72%
Root CanalRoot Canal
  • €30
€280 89%

How has Turkey become a medical tourism destination?

Turkey has a famous and rich history, but the rise of medical tourism there is also interesting to learn about. There is scientific proof people have been travelling for health reasons ever since the early civilizations. Through time, the destinations, medicine and treatments have changed and the focus has shifted from Mediterranean countries in Ancient times to Asian countries in the 20th centuries. In the 21st century Turkey has become one of the world’s leading destinations. 

Since the year 2000 there has been a big increase in private investments in the country’s health sector. Many private hospitals, health centers and medical complexes had been established. The government also increased spending for healthcare and opened additional state-funded hospitals. They recognized the potential of investing into health and made all the right moves to position Turkey on the global market of health tourism.

Government has increased quotas on medical universities and encouraged opening of many private medical schools. Many of them formed tight collaborations with European schools of medicine. Turkish medical students benefited from these arrangements since they were given opportunities to gain foreign experience, learn languages and sharpen their knowledge. In order to increase competitiveness of their health specialist, the country has ensured strict regulations in issuing permits for medical practitioners.

Investment in human resources is the most important aspect, but Turkey hasn’t stopped there. The country has given full administrative support and financial support in implementing new technologies.

All the heavy investing would have been for nothing if the visitors and patients from abroad hadn’t been leaving the country’s medical offices satisfied, healthy and enthusiastic to spread the word. Satisfied patients are the top reason why Turkey has become such an important destination. Everyone who understands the basics of market rules knows that you can have an amazing marketing, but if what you’re selling isn’t good, people will stop to buy it. This is not true for Turkey’s medical tourism, since it has experienced 40 % increase in foreign patients between 2011 and 2012. In total, since 2008 the number of foreigners receiving medical care in the country has quadrupled.  

This is an excellent example of a country knowing what it is good at and doing everything possible into enhancing its strengths further. On the winds of positive feedback Turkey will grow even more as a top destination. This is no miracle – just hard work, and more and more people decide to harvest benefits of Turkey dental tourism.


Where to have your dentist in Turkey?

Of course, Istanbul as the biggest and most famous city is also the most frequent option. Majority of clinics and dentists are located here.

Antalaya and Izmir are both touristic paradise spots on Mediterranean Sea. They are ideal locations if you wish to have a nice sun-and-beaches holiday while fixing your teeth.

The capital city of Ankara is located in the continental part of the country. As an administrative centre, it has a well developed dental services culture and is also an option to find your dentist.


Benefits of Turkey dental care

Structural efforts in dental tourism

You will be positively surprised by the quality and cutting-edge technology offered there. Although the prices are low, there is no reason to worry. The country has invested heavily into medical and dental services, from investing into education of medical staff to providing state of the art equipment. The country has become quite health tourism oriented. Since 2011 there is a special government body – the Department of Health Tourism – which operates under Ministry of Health and is responsible to plan, monitor and standardize development in health tourism at the national level.

Many Turkish universities and medical schools are offering scholarships for student to experience health care education of developed countries. Exchange programs that send Turkish medical students to perform research and gain experience in other European countries are also active. Additionally, there are increasing amount of medical school programs that offer entire education programs in English.

Amazing dental care

Dental hospitals and clinics in Turkey have all the modern equipment and offer you high quality treatments. Do not let low prices fool you. Dental specialists here are experts in their work, and considering the competition – they have to be. You can get all types of dental treatments in the modern private of public clinics here. Treating teeth for diseases, preventive dentistry, repairing broken teeth with crowns and implants, or undergoing cosmetic procedures just to make your smile prettier – everything is possible and easily accessible. If you have more complicated conditions to fix, there are excellent oral surgeons in dental hospitals here who have both the skills to perform the procedure and the patients to explain everything you might want to know. When visiting a dentist, especially in a foreign country, every person wants to be assured that the doctor knows what he is doing.

Great travel connections

Geographical location of Turkey couldn’t be better. Right on the border between Asia and Europe, it is very simple to visit. The Ataturk International Airport in Istanbul is a major avio-hub that serves almost 50 million passengers every year. In 2012 it was the 14th busiest airport in the world by the number of international passengers. Over 60 different airlines connect Istanbul with the entire world, so coming to Turkey is not a problem at all, especially if you are flying from anywhere in Europe.

Dental – yes, but also Tourism!

So far we have only talked about dental, dental, dental. It seems we almost forgot what Turkey has to offer in the classical touristic sense. And it is a lot!

Nature, history, vacation, culture, urban, exotic, oriental – every kind of visit you want to have, you can have it here. If you like history and heritage, there is a lot to see. From pre-Greek times, Hellenistic era, Byzantine, Ottoman Empire to modern days, there are many sites, palaces, churches and mosques to visit. Turkey is a country with a rarely encountered richness in history.

If you want to experience the urban-oriental lifestyle, Istanbul is a gem you should discover. The city on the very border of Europe and Asia has its entire history and culture in the same sense – both Eastern and Western, partly belonging to both, entirely not belonging to none. On Grand Bazaar you can experience the peculiarities of Oriental Street shopping, while in one of the numerous shopping centers you can enjoy night life and many modern day leisure activities.

On the other hand, if nature and un-conquered outdoors are what inspires you, you got it. The complex geological movements have shaped the varied geography of the country. The central part is a mountainous region with a central plateau encircled with peaks. Here you can find the famous Fairy Chimneys, an unusual rock formation in the Goreme region. In southwest of the country there are many natural hot springs, where the Pamukkale, or “cotton castle” rocks can be found.

Maybe you just want a nice, relaxing vacation. Good food, wonderful Mediterranean beaches, spiced with ancient heritage sites can be found all over the southwest coast, along with good dentist to take care of your teeth afterwards.

Tips how to chose a good dentist

Check all the information in advance

When going to Turkey for a dental trip, be sure to check all the relevant information. Choose your dentist first, then plan the trip. It is advisable to go through certified agencies that offer guarantees. This way, you have some certainty and you can choose your dentist based on his credentials and reviews of former patients. Give yourself some time, contact several dentists and compare what they are offering. Talk your dental situation out with them and see for yourself whose approach you find most reassuring.

Also, although the prices are cheap, don’t just go for the cheapest one. As everywhere else, quality dentist is slightly more expensive than his competition since he gives value for money. Be happy for the fact you will end up with a much lower bill than in your home country, so further savings are not necessarily needed.

Plan ahead

Don’t go and buy the plane tickets before you booked the terms with your dentist. Good dentist will try to find time for you if you are in a hurry, but you don’t want to come unannounced. Many dentists are offering to curb their schedule to accommodate yours, if for example you are very busy and can only come for weekends. But, some procedures might take several days of work so be sure to check everything ahead: how many procedure, how many days and how many buck it will take to get the job done.

Although you are eager to fix your teeth and have a healthy smile, you will have to pay attention to some details when planning. Which payment method can you use, where will you stay during your visit, and so on. If you are undergoing a serious surgical procedure, you will want to know what conditions are like in the hospital where you will stay, what complications you might experience and should someone accompany you there.

Be sure to ask for quote beforehand

In order to avoid awkward surprises, you should always ask for the quote. You deserve to know exactly how much will the procedure, the medication and everything else cost you. Good dentist will be a professional one and he will honesty tell you which are medical options to treat your conditions, what are their costs and which is the best choice for you. This way, there will be no surprises later on and you will leave Turkey as another happy dental patient.