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Dr. Akin Tuncer is the owner of the “Akin Tuncer” clinic, located within 1.3 KM of Alanya.  Dr. Akin Tuncer who is a specialist in Acupuncture, offering dental care services here. The clinic provides an extensive range of primary dental care services for women, men, and children.  The clinic will care you when you are sick and wants to stay healthy and happy with regular checkups and educational services. Some of the great services we offer are including: restorative dentist consultation, dental exams, x-rays, implants dentist consultation, and filling and extensions. The clinic offers dentures, dental restorations, and endodontic services. The clinic provides you urgent and ongoing dental care. The clinic offers limited surgery, root canal, and limited denture and crown services.  The appointment is friendly opens for children and adult dental services but limits for pregnant and diabetic patients.  They are also providing a dental acupuncture services including jaw (TMJ) pain or disorder, dental anxiety, dental post-operative pain, and Jaw (TMJ) locking & clicking. 


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