Cavity is something which every person should prevent from settling on their tooth owing to the fact that it endangers the oral health to a great extent. The cavity should always be removed as soon as it forms on the tooth or teeth as then; there are chances that the cavity will enter the core of the teeth including the pulp and the dentin. Once it enters the core of the teeth, it can give immense pain to the person, and this pain might eventually lead to some form of infection inside the mouth thus killing the tooth in due course. Thus, in order to give a better outlook to the structure of teeth, crowns are used. 
In cases of trauma, the person might end up having a chipped, damaged or sporadically shaped structure of teeth. Thus, in order to avoid this, crowns are used. There are various types of crowns available. The most durable ones are gold crowns but they have become aesthetically outdated nowadays. Porcelain crowns are considered as very aesthetic crowns and they are hypoallergic and stable. At present, Zircon crowns are widely used by dentists all over the world owing to the fact that they are aesthetically very efficient in safeguarding the teeth and are made using zirconium oxide. Zirconium crowns are in some way, similar to that of porcelain crowns.