Dental education in turkey

Accreditation Profiles and Qualifications in Dental Services System in Turkey


In order to become a dentist, pa person needs to complete a 5-year program in dentistry. There are 15 schools of dentistry in Turkey, where one can obtain a degree of D.D.S. necessary to work as a dental practitioner. Supreme body in dental education is Turkish Ministry of Health and the Council of Higher Education.


After obtaining a degree in dentistry, professional dentists can continue their education in order to specialize in one of two fields – Orthodontics and Prosthodontics.


The Ministry of Health is responsible for regulating dental legislation and education in Turkey

The Turkish Dental Association (TDA) – TDA is the highest authority among professional dentist in Turkey. It is responsible to assure monitoring dental practice and development of dentist profession. At the local level, 33 dental chambers are members of TDA that regulate dentistry across country. Other responsibilities of the association include developing and improving skills of Turkish dentist through courses and continuous education. In order to practice professional dentistry in Turkey, all dentists must be member of TDA, and the association is additionally affiliated with many international dental organizations.

Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry – This association gathers all Turkish dentists practicing cosmetic dentistry.

Graduate orthodontic education in Turkey

According to a research survey done on 227 Turkish residents of graduate orthodontics program, majority of residents were satisfied and very satisfied with their program. Residents, all members of Turkish Orthodontic Society, were asked about their educational and clinical treatment experiences, including the number of techniques used, patient completion rates, clinical cases undertaken, and the scientific component of their program.

Research showed that residents of Turkish orthodontics program have just the right amount of formal didactic teaching sessions and protected academic time. The program offers various training opportunities and residents have sufficient clinically based training during their graduate studies. In general, Turkish residents are quite satisfied with the quality of their graduate orthodontics program. During the program, they receive extensive training and have numerous opportunities to treat patients. According to the same research survey, two segments of the program that need improvement are providing care for disabled patients and treating patients that require interdisciplinary approach.

In Turkey, dentists are accustomed to using highest quality equipment and dental materials in their work. Considering the quality of their education, they perform methods and procedures with supreme care and excellence. In addition, to make you more comfortable when using ther service they offer guarantee for majority of their work.

All of their implants work and dental prosthesis work is under a guarantee. Depending on the type of procedure and materials used, you can expect guarantee up to 10 years from the day the operation took place.