Endodontic dentistry basically deals with the part of the matter inside the tooth, which is smooth. It is a very specialized branch and the domain is strictly regarding the pliable matter present inside teeth. This soft matter is commonly referred to as the pulp of the teeth. Those, who practice endodontic dentistry, have to continue further research in this discipline even after getting their regular degrees in dentistry. The treatment methods, which come under endodontic dentistry, are root-canal retreatment, root canal therapy and endodontic surgery. In case if a patient has one damaged tooth upon, which root canal retreatment or therapy has to be done, then the patient can refer to a normal dentist. 
On the contrary, if two or more teeth are damaged, then an endodontic dentist should be referred. Root canal retreatment generally is done only when the original root canal therapy has failed to respond as per the expectations of the dentist. As per endodontic treatment procedure, teeth fracture or unseen canals can be treated as these are not exactly visible even in X-ray. Moreover, the bone, which is adjacent to the one that is treated, is also cured in the process and same goes with the adjacent root surfaces that have suffered damage.