Why should I trust a dental studio or a clinic recommended by your page?

We only work with experiences, competent professionals, since your health, safety and satisfaction with dental services is most important to use. There is no difference in expertise of professional dentist in Turkey and EU countries. Students in Turkey must study for five years in a Faculty of Dentistry before they become a Dental Practitioner.  After a further five years of study they can become a specialist in a particular area of dentistry.  In order to practice dentistry, each dentist must be a member of the Turkish Dental Association, and this membership has its set of rules and regulations that protect the health of patients. Additionally, if a dentist wishes to perform cosmetic dentistry then he/she must be a member of the Turkish Academy of Aesthetic Dentistry. 

Why are the dental costs so much lower in Turkey?

Significant saving that you can make when visiting a dentist in Turkey instead of UK, for example, are due to lower employee’s wages and lower cost of living in Turkey. All the other prices in Turkey are proportionally lower, so the price of dental services does not reflect the quality.

What materials are used in the dental treatments?

The cutting edge materials in dentistry, such as porcelain, ceramic and composite materials are available in Turkey as well as in Western Europe. Since the wellbeing of our patients is the most important in our work, only the best EC approved materials and products are used in our studios. Trough your care plan, you will know in advance exactly which materials will be used for which particular purposes in your dental treatments.

What are the hygiene rules in your clinics?

The hygiene standards in the ordinances of your dentist are very high. The gloves, masks and bibs are disposable. All the instruments are sterilized according to EC approved standards. They are soaked in disinfectant solutions, cleaned and sterilized in a sterilizer machine. Before each new patient, the chair and all the surfaces are wiped with a disinfectant solution to prevent any risks. Patient safeguard protocols are very rigid, and used after every intervention to clean, sterilize and detoxify treatment area in order to protect the health of the patient.

How long does a dental treatment last?

The date of first visit is determined in the care plan for each patient. Subsequently, depending on the complexity of procedures, several visits may be needed, but those will also be determined in advance in the care plan. Some treatments, such as teeth whitening require only one 1-hour long visit to the dentist, while prosthetics and dental implants require at least two visits.

What kind of anesthesia is used?

We use only local anesthesia, which has no side-effects and is both very safe and very efficient for the patient.

What if I have difficulties in communicating with my dentist?

Since we only represent English-speaking dentist, that will not be a problem.

What kind of guarantee do I have?

You will receive a written guarantee for all the dental work that has been done. Depending on the type of treatment and type of material used, there is a different guarantee time. For example, high quality dental crowns last much longer than highest-quality veneers, due to their thin nature.

Do I need special documents for the journey?

You only need your passport to travel to Turkey. Turkey is a non-EU country, but has been in the negotiation process for a long time. In those decades many Europeans have travelled to Turkey for holidays and no visa is required.