There are many patients who visit the dentist for tooth-filling purposes. As per the process, a broken tooth is fixed by filling up the part of the tooth using porcelain, alloys or even gold. The overall morphology of a tooth is restored by dental fillings. Fillings are employed whenever there is some form of mishap due to which a person has lost a part of his tooth. Nevertheless, if the damage is relatively more, then in that case, the crown procedure will be much more preferable, but the downside is that they cost much more than filling process. Moreover, the crown process is quite convoluted altogether and takes time to do. 
Nowadays, silver amalgam, which includes tin, silver, zinc or copper mixed with mercury, is also being used for filling process. For those who wish to have filling done and that too at a reasonable price, then amalgam is perhaps the best possible option. The downside of using amalgam fillings is that they do not have impressive aesthetics in them which in turn can put the teeth into jeopardy. In worst cases, the teeth can break in such a manner that the jaw also gets affected. The durability of amalgamated fillings is relatively less than that of metal ones. Composite resin fillings are considered to have the best aesthetics and non-invasive and provide excellent bonding to the tooth. However, they can be chipped much sooner than the metal fillings.