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Within a radius of 2.3Km from Fethiye a city within Turkey, Gökçen cibi muayenehanesiis reachable and it is such a unique clinic. Treatments of all kinds are available for you and your family including Dental X – Rays, Root canals cosmetic surgeries as well as consultations. It operates through into the weekend and at the convenience of all patients.

Gökçen cibi muayenehanesi has a pharmacy on site. This makes it easy for you to obtain medication after treatment. The medical staffs meet you with a compassionate and friendly reception and participate in every move towards helping you obtain the desirable dental treatment. 

The dental center is open to all sorts of patients both in public sector and those under private insurance. They also make your life easy by accepting dental plans.

Being a member of the Turkish Medical Association is a simple confirmation that Gökçen cibi muayenehanesiprovides you with equivalent services and of great standards. They have since introduced emergency services as well to better care for their patients.

The patient’s comfort is of essence to them even after leaving the clinic, and this is the reason they introduced “after treatment home visits programme”as a follow up.

Patients from abroad need not to worry.  Gökçen cibi muayenehanesi provides you with pickup services from the hotels and airports as well as tours and vacations hence you can combine to carry out a holiday and a dental treatment procedure. They make the whole process hassle – free for you and give you lasting memories.


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