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Sekerhane mah.Kural sok.Yasemi, Alanya
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Dr. Keceli Kocak’s Dentist clinic is located 2.3km away from center of Alanya. Dr. Kocak specializes in Acupuncture. However, he also provides treatments such as Bone Graft, Onlay or Inlay and Implants Dentist Consultation. This clinic also offers Endodontic Services, Dentures and Dental Restorations.

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Dr Keceli KocakM.D works at this Dentists clinic, situated 2.3 km from from the center of Alanya. Dr Keceli Kocak works here, specialising in Acupuncture. Treatments available include Implants Dentist Consultation, Bone Graft and Inlay or Onlay. The clinic provides Dental Restorations, Dentures and Endodontic Services.


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