Metal-free crowns

In case if a tooth has gone through extensive damage and decay, a crown is something, which can bring back the rigidity and the lost structure of the teeth. Crowns can make a decaying tooth function to its optimal limits. Crown safeguards the alignment of the teeth and prevents it from any form of harm. These fit slickly to the teeth and protect it. Nowadays, crowns are being made entirely of porcelain instead of metals. There have been numerous complaints from the side of the patients, and they have expressed their problems in managing a metal in their mouth. Thus, have a crown made up of porcelain is much better than metal although the former costs much more than the latter. 
Presently, a wide range of crowns, which are free from metals are available with dentists, and these contain various supplements of porcelain in order to give more comfort to the patient. Almost all of the ceramic crowns available nowadays are biocompatible. These come with warranties, which can go up to a maximum of five years and are much stronger than other forms of crowns available. Hence, it is encouraged to go for metal-free crowns as they are much easier to carry.