Dental medicine has surfeit of branches under it, and periodontology happens to be one of them. This discipline of dental medicine primary emphasizes upon the tooth tissues, which are also known as periodontium and also assists in tackling diseases, which affect these tissues. There are many parts of the teeth, which are endangered by periodontal diseases. Some of these are cementum, alveolar bone and periodontal ligaments, which connect the gums also known as gingiva. Gingivitis and periodontitis are the two primary diseases, which affect the tissues. In gingivitis, inflammation of gums occurs whereas periodontitis is something that can best be referred to as a more relentless form of the disease. 
There is a wide range of factors because of which, these diseases come to light. Few of those factors are protruding filings, deteriorating oral hygiene, bridges and crowns. Apart from these, plaque, firmly compact teeth, calculus and genetic factors also become a reason for periodontitis and gingivitis. Use of lasers in the field of Periodontology has increased over the past decade as this is something, which eases the pain suffered by the patient during any form of treatment of teeth or jaw. Tissue regeneration and guided bone are much more sophisticated methods, which are used for the same purposes.