Pregnancy dentistry

The needs of pregnant women are somewhat different than that of patients of other age groups. The hormonal system and the metabolism process of pregnant ladies is quite sensitive, which is the reason why there is a separate discipline in the field of dentistry which primarily deals with the oral health of pregnant ladies. Dentists tend to use X-Rays on their patients, but this is something, which cannot be done in the case of pregnant women. Pregnant women are strictly prohibited from using any form of anesthetics as it can have adverse effects on their health. 
Certain dental treatment procedures such as teeth whitening, elective treatments and a few other ornamental procedures are to be strictly avoided by pregnant women until the birth of the child. During dental procedures, there is always a risk to the baby even if it is minimal. Nonetheless, this is the reason why pregnant women should refrain themselves from going for dental procedures. Thus, there are a number of precautions, which are to be taken while performing an oral treatment on a woman who is pregnant as she should not be exposed to X-ray in any case. Studies have shown that some infants are born with gum disease, and this might be because of preterm birth.