Same-day teeth

In the present day and age, there is a plethora of dental procedures, which can be performed by an experienced dentist in the course of a single day, and that too, with full efficiency. There used to be a time when the patients had to visit the clinic of the dentist for a long period of time in order to get their broken or missing teeth treated. But now, if the patient has the capability to shell out a high price, then only one single visit to the clinic of the dentist can reconstruct and repair broken or missing teeth. This process can be accomplished in a day. Following are the cosmetic and restorative treatments of teeth, which can be accomplished in the course of a day. 
Immediate load dental implants
Implant supported bridges
Mini implants
Bone compressing implants
Socket grafts
Bone grafts
Thus, a wide range of cosmetic treatments are available in the present age, and the best part is that there are surfeit of well qualified and experienced dentists who can perform these treatments in a day. Such has been progress in the field of dentistry.