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Do you want to achieve the perfect ultimate health care with benefits of getting the treatments from the latest dental technology? If yes, then visit Taksim Dental Clinic. This dental hospital aims to offer reliable and trust-worthy health care that respects the patient’s rights. The medical staffs only use the latest technology that is medically tested and proven to ensure that their patients will be provided the highest quality of dental service all the time. To Bayindir Hospitals and Dental Clinics, they give the most importance to the patients.

Taksim Dental Clinic have been providing their quality service since the year 2002. They are located in districts in Istanbul, Turkey. There is a clinic in the Asian side and also in the European side. Each dental clinic has around 400 sq m covered area. Each clinic also has seven examination fully equipped rooms.

Taksim Dental Clinic provide dental services in all areas of dentistry. They also operate in multidisciplinary approach. They have specialists in the following dentistry areas: prosthodontics, periodontology, endodontics, oral surgery, pedodontics and arthodontics.

At clinic, the primary principle is to treat all handicapped and normal patients as a whole. The first stage to be done is Oral Diagnosis. This stage is to be able to diagnose the exact problems of the patients. In knowing exactly the problems, the treatment plan will be developed that is based on the unique needs of the patient. To do this, they perform clinical and panoramic xray (radiological) examination.

·         Pedodontics

Preventative medicine is important to pediatric age groups. Furthermore, the dental clinics can perform all pedodontics forms such as preparation and restoration for orthodontic treatment.

·         Prosthodontics

All aesthetic, functional and complex problems of their patients are solved by their specialists using most advanced dental techniques. These techniques include bridges laminates, precision attachment framework and complete denture (either porcelain crown or metal based).

·         Orthodontics

Deviant teeth are the reason for functional and aesthetic problems in both adults and children. These problems can be solved by their specialist with use of mobile and fixed dental equipment.

·         Periodontology

Latest methodologies are used to treat diseases of hard and soft tissues which surround one’s teeth. Using grafts may reverse tissue losses.

·         Endodontics and Restorative Treatment

Their specialists use advanced technological improvements such as apex locater, RWG and treatment to complex canal filling.

·         Surgery

·         Implantology

Implants are considered to be important when it comes to modern dentistry. However, incorrect implementation of implants may lead to financial and physiological problems. The indication can be determined by a prosthodontics specialist and a surgeon. After the completion of a surgical procedure, the specialist will prepare the prosthesis in the lab which surrounds the implants.


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