Teeth cleaning

One of the most vital parts of oral hygiene is teeth cleaning. One should always keep their teeth clean, and the cleaning process has to be done at least once in six months. Dental plaque is something which can easily settle on teeth, and in order to stop this from happening, dentists strongly advise people to brush their teeth at least twice on a daily basis. The process of getting a professional cleaning of teeth in the hands of a dentist is known as prophylaxis. Professional cleaning effectively tackles plaque and tartar. 
Tartar is a term, which is referred in case of hardened deposits that are tough to remove by brushing. An experienced dentist uses ultrasonic vibrations to segregate tartar into multiple parts and then removes them. Also, ultrasonic instruments regulate the temperature inside the mouth and wash off all the debris which settles on teeth. Thus, it is strongly advised to visit a dentist every six months for teeth cleaning. The polishing part of teeth is usually carried out with the help of a soft cup made of rubber. The end of this rubber cup spins and thus cleans the teeth. Once this process is done, the teeth undergo a final procedure in, which fluoride gel is put on the teeth in order to give them strength