Wisdom teeth removal

Some people are born with small jaws, which are not capable of holding 32 teeth. This might be due to the fact along with normal teeth; a few wisdom teeth also come out causing irregularities and pain. Thus, in order to prevent any form of pain, it is advisable to remove the wisdom teeth, which make way for new teeth. There is a wide range of problems, which arise as a result of wisdom tooth. Wisdom teeth increase the chances of tooth infection to a great extent, which causes immense pain. These aforementioned infections can take place on a daily basis, which is the reason why wisdom teeth should always be removed as soon as it forms adjacent to normal teeth. 
There are cases where malformation of jaw occurs due to crowding of teeth. This crowding occurs as a result of wisdom teeth. It is advised to take anesthesia before removing wisdom teeth since the whole process can be quite painful. If there is more than one wisdom tooth to be removed, then better option would be to put the patient into anesthesia since removing the tooth or teeth can be immensely painful. Hence, removal of wisdom teeth is a must in order to prevent any infection from spreading inside the mouth.